Educating the Community

Educating The Community

Maternity care in the US is rarely evidence-based and few women or families have access to the information needed to make truly informed decisions or understand their full range of birth options.

BirthNet educates the public to both help women and families make such decisions and to help bring awareness to the need for improvement.  We define “educating” and “the public” quite broadly.

Below is some information about our Speakers Bureau, including sample topics, and a link to listings of our past events and workshops.  In addition, included here are some program outlines and other ideas for educating the public.  We are happy and willing to help you plan events and develop your own ideas as well.

We encourage others to use some of our materials and ideas in their education efforts.  We only ask three things:

  • that our materials are used in efforts consistent with our beliefs and mission;
  • that BirthNet be given full credit for materials we have developed;
  • and that any event planned in BirthNet’s name be approved by the Coordinating Council.




Other Ideas




  • Pregnancy Information NightBirth Network of Santa Cruz County, CA conducts Pregnancy Information Nights every few months.  Contact them for more information and ideas.


  • “Setting Up a Library Display for Public Awareness” by Karen E. Wallace, Citizens for Midwifery (not currently available online, contact Citizens for Midwifery for a copy) – Some good ideas for setting up displays in your local library.


  • “One Woman, One Birth at a Time” by Jan Tritten, Editor, Midwifery Today – Some ideas for those who are less inclined to start an organization or speak in front of a crowd.


  • Birth Networks — BirthNet is but one example of a birth network.  Several others have been around for several years and have ideas to offer as well.