Events & Programs

Primary Programs

Speakers Bureau– BirthNet’s Speakers Bureau is a service that brings birth professionals, like midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, consumer advocates and others to interested audiences.

Events for Professionals and the Public – Since our founding, we have engaged in a variety of education activities. See our Events page for upcoming and past events.

College Program – One of our goals is to reach young women and men well before they are ready for childbearing.  We have developed a guest-speaker program for college-aged students.  We have been most successful in Women’s Studies programs, but this curriculum can be adapted to most class subjects.



BirthNet organizes events for a wide variety of audiences covering a broad range of topics.
Our goal is both to educate the general community about pregnancy and birth as normal, natural events and to provide specific information families can use to make informed choices about their maternity care. BirthNet has sponsored presentations by renowned speakers in the field of maternity care, convened gatherings of maternity-care consumers to discuss current issues, presented birth videos and information to college classes, participated in conferences, and more. Below is a listing of upcoming events as well as all of the events BirthNet has sponsored to date.


 Upcoming Events

To keep up with meetings, check out the BirthNet Facebook page.


Speakers Bureau

Want to  plan an event? The BirthNet Speakers Bureau can provide the right speaker on the right topic for your audience.